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 The Latest News -

       I am sorry to say that Peter, (my Dad), passed away peacefully at home in the early hours of Monday 7th May 2012 with his family around him.

I will attempt to maintain his website in the way I'm sure he would have wished me to.

Please don't ask for anything too complicated and be patient if you send an email!

The New Dances - 

Due to the fact that I have a terminal illness, I have decided that I will no longer announce the new dances on this page.  The new dances will be available as usual on "Sylvia's forum" click here.   I also will be discontinuing the "Dance Poll".  I am sorry about the changes but I will still be running the web page as before but things may take me a little longer to act on.

Next Competitions - ... Future "Competition dates" for 2011 and 2012 can be found on the left side of our web site.  

Forums - A  forum has been set up to replace the one previously run by this website.  This forum is "Sylvia's Forum" and you can get the gossip as well as the past competition results from here.  You can get Sylvia's web page by clicking on the left of this page. 

Searching for a Club? It's not easy to find clubs around the country although a large number are listed in some form on the web.  To help you find them we have added a special search facility to our "Clubs" page.   Try it when you go on holiday.  

The old ones You haveYouTube on your browser.  Did you know that some of the old dances are on  videos on this site. You can normally get it by typing " together ".  If you have any dances yourself to load and are on your computer,  you can sign up (its easy),  get the category  "Entertainment"  and the tags "dancename sequence dancing ".  You will upload the video, but it takes 10 times the download time.

Survey 2006 - What the Associations are doing! -  You will recall that we held a survey on various aspects of modern sequence dancing at the beginning of the year. In April 2006 the report and details were sent to all the professional dance organisations asking for their observations.  We have now tabulated the responses so far and these are 
available here. See what the main organisations are doing for the future of  our style of dancing!      - Nothing - ! 
The "copyright" for dances is inhibiting sequence dances and you will need to  click here .

Competition Entries and Results. The 2010 competition entries and results can be found on the Dancelist page - to go there nowclick here. For 2011 competition entries and results please refer to Sylvia's Queensland Forum (click here).

Light Amusement Sequence BirdThe story of the Modern Sequence Bird is still available. justclick here or on the bird.
 and have a little chuckle! 

Benidorm- No doubt many of you will have been on a holiday dancing at Benidorm recently.  If you would like to read an amusing insight into our antics, then click here ---  thank you Carol.  


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