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The Sequence Dancing Scripts

There are several thousand sequence type dances which have been published and I have tried to compile a list of as many as possible.  This list includes some 3,500 of the normal UK sequence dances as well as many party type dances and also sequence dances from the Southern Hemisphere.  We have not included normal Line Dances but would refer you to line dancing sites.

Traditional Dances

We do have the traditional dances which will give you the popular sequence steps. You can get these by clicking  here.  Balmoral Blues, Emmerdale Waltz, Glen Roy Foxtrot, Georgella Blues, Mayfair Quickstep, Melody Foxtrot, Ragtime Swing, Rumba One, Rumba Royale, Sally Ann Cha Cha, Saunter TogetherSweetheart Waltz, Tango Serida, Valentino Jive, Viennese Swing, Waltz Catherine, Woodside Waltz. I will take the scripts off only if the copyright holders (if any) protest.  The abbreviations and techniques for the scripts click here

The dances which I have described are 30+ years ago, many of the authors are unknown and the OBBD does not have any rules for sequence dancing before 1975. One of the dance scripts publishers, Brockbank Lane of Carlisle, has E-mailed me and objected to the publication of these scripts. I have however taken this up with the BDC and received a reply from Bryan Allen, the President of the BDC. It appears that a lot of the script holders are not known and none of the dances listed have the copyright of the British Dance Council. He says that caution should be exercised before any intellectual copyright material is produced and I am of course aware of this and will take off the scripts if any of the copyright holders (but not publishers) object.

Dance List

The list which follows is arranged in alphabetic order by style of dance then alphabetic by name.   Where possible we have included inventors and dates.  It is divided into three groups for speed of loading (even so it may take a short while) .  Note this list is up to 2010 and revised periodically. It does not necessarily show the very latest dances, for these see the competition dates page.  The revision date is shown on the top of each file.  If you would like to download the full file to save and process at leisure in your own spreadsheets etc, then it can be downloaded as a .csv -comma separated file if you  click here ( only 175kb) . 

Please click below for the dances of your choice - 

    Barn Dance to Quadrille  (325kb)

    Quickstep to Tango (406kb)

   Three Step to Unclassified  (190kb)

Former Dance Results The results of the competitions on 2009 or 2010 are here.

Copyright - All the UK dance organisations and individual inventive dance promoters since about 1985 have claimed copyright for their particular dances, and the British Dance Council does not allow the videoing of such dances.  This means that almost all of the present dances are covered and it is strictly it is a breach of copyright in the UK to teach, demonstrate, video or to copy the scripts of most of these dances without the permission of the copyright holder.  We regret we are therefore unable to supply copies of any scripts.

We acknowledge the help of two friends who have allowed us to use their lists as the basis of this listing, and we apologise in advance for the inevitable errors and omissions.  This list is copyright 2010 but you may copy and reproduce it free of charge for any non-commercial purpose.   The data can be loaded into many spreadsheets by copy and paste.