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We like to bring you information about other web sites relating to the sequence dance world. Let us know if you want to be posted.

 We also have a number of clubs around the country listed on our "clubs" page. 

Click on any of these links for other information -

bullet Sequence Dancing Forums
bullet Sylvia's Forum (Click Here)
bullet DanceTalk (Click Here) Registration required.
bullet Modern Sequence Blog (Click here)
bullet Mel's site (Click here) or (here)
bullet Hotels with Sequence Holidays are on our holiday page
bullet Dance sites giving information about sequence dance clubs. We also have a number of clubs listed on "Our Clubs" page.
bullet Hampshire 
bullet Dorset 
bullet Exeter
bullet Fylde Coast
bullet Miscellaneous
bullet Scotland
bullet Southport
bullet Wey Valley (NE Hants)
bullet Clubs Abroad - If you are travelling abroad then look out for -
bullet Gibraltar
bullet Cape Town - South Africa
bullet Christchurch Dancing Club (New Zealand)
bullet Queensland, Australia
bullet Melbourne- Australia.
bullet Melbourne- Australia
bullet New Zealand Sequence Dance Federation
bullet Toronto Canada
bullet Nanaimo and Victoria on Vancouver Island in BC Canada
bullet Brisbane Sunday Social Dance Club Inc
bullet Commercial Links -Shoes, clothes, CD's etc
bullet Dance Images (Comp photos)
bullet Exquisite Designs (Marilyn)
bullet Maestro Records
bullet Maserades Wales (Shoes)
bullet New Vogue and Sequence Dance Music
bullet Superdance shoes
bullet Sequence Dance Books by T A Whitworth (01582 713097)
bullet Other Dance Sites of interest
bullet English Amateur DanceSport Association
bullet Jenny & Richard 
bullet Library of Congress This leads to a great collection of dancing books from 1490-1920 including video clips.
bullet Old Time Dance Society
bullet English National Old Time Dance Society
bullet Sequence Dancing Association
bullet Come Dancing in Sequence - CD's review
bullet Videos of popular sequence dances
bullet Professional Dance Organisations
bullet Allied Dancing Association
bullet British Association Teachers Dancing
bullet British Dance Council
bullet International Dance Teachers Assn
bullet Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
bullet National Association of Teachers of Dancing
bullet Northern Counties Dance Teachers Assn
bullet Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance
bullet United Kingdom Alliance

We are always willing to add more - if you let us know.  

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