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2011 Inventive Dance Competitions
(authorised by the British Dance Council)

Date Organisers Location Dances
16th January NCDTA South Shields Aztec Jive
Talisman Tango
Southdowne Saunter
20thFebruary   ISTD Whitwick Ava Rose Gavotte
Pear Tree Rumba
20th March NATD Whitwick Aruba Cha Cha
Crystal Blues
Tanzanite Foxtrot
10th April Butlins (Southern) Walsall Royal Tango
Amber Quickstep
Myrtle Mambo
22-25th April North of Britain Southport Seathwaite Saunter
Bellissimo Cha Cha
Tango Eclipse
14th May ADA Southport Starmer Swing
Banbury Waltz
Tuxedo Jive
4th June UKA Blackpool Solway Swing
Salsa Mexicana
Wingrove Waltz
19th June BATD Southport Wainwright Foxtrot
Butternut Blues
Rosebud Rumba
9th July IDTA Southport Shamar Saunter
Chile Pine Cha Cha
Kelham Quickstep
7th August BDC Whitwick Shimmering Waltz (OT)
Swing Jive
Tango Mariposa (Mod)
10th Sept ISDC Bridlington Anniversary Blues
Velvet Ash Foxtrot
Rumba Marcesite
2nd October Butlins (Northern) Whitwick Tourmaline Tango
Mambo Tequila
Wilclif Waltz
24th October Blackpool Festival Blackpool Glenfield Gavotte
Oceanside Waltz
Jamelia Jive
6th November Ada Unsworth Memorial Addlestone

Jingle Bell Blues
Moonstone Foxtrot
Rumba Juliet

15th January NCDTA South Shields  
19th February ISTD Whitwick  
25th March NATD Whitwick  
6th April North of Britain Southport  
29th April Butlins (Southern) Whitwick  
6th May ADA Southport  
2nd June UKA Blackpool  
17th June BATD Southport  
30th June IDTA Southport  
5th August BDC Whitwick  
15th Sept ISDC Bridlington  
7th October Butlins (Northern) Whitwick  
22nd October Blackpool Festival Blackpool  
4th November Ada Unsworth Memorial Addlestone  

                                         The dates of the sequence dancing competitions are correct at time of this web page.